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        Since 1989 PT. Plastikatama Teknologi Industri has become one of Indonesia’s largest and most trusted companies involved in the production of chemical-resistant equipment including pollution control equipment and electroplating equipment. The company has expertise in the fabrication of a wide range of materials including metals and non-metals. 

        Metal fabrication includes mild steel and various grades of stainless steels. The non-metallic products include a wide range of thermoplastics and composites made from thermosetting plastics with various reinforcements.  This capability to combine various materials and technologies provides a powerful tool to solve problems in the chemical-resistant equipment and the anticorrosion applications fields.  

        The management of the company is committed to providing the highest quality of products and services.  In order to keep pace with ever-changing technologies and customer needs, the company has joined forces with some international companies to obtain technology not locally available and expand its capabilities. The technical success of the company draws on our group of experienced professionals in the chemical, plastics and mechanical engineering disciplines including ex-patriate expert staff. 

        The company is committed to designing and producing products of the highest quality and at the lowest cost possible.   With our special attention to the design of equipment that reduces pollution of the atmosphere, of rivers and the ocean, we wish to demonstrate that our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of the environment for which we care so much.  This is the reason we chose our trade mark ENVICARE®

         We hope that by our efforts we can reduce the smoke and pollutants in our skies and help assure that the water consumed by industry is returned to nature in as clear and pristine condition as we know it should be in.

        PT. Plastikatama Teknologi Industri has four factories, which allow separation of the various manufacturing processes and fabrication work; Thermoplastics Fabrication Plant  (1200 m²), Thermoplastics Fabrication Plant (1200 m²),   Reinforced Plastics/Composites Plant (4500 m²), Steel Fabrication Plant (3000 m²), Total number of employees 220.

        The sizeable skilled work force comprises teams with experienced supervisors for each manufacturing operation is supported by the management and engineering staff and the processes and products are checked by experienced quality assurance staff.

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